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Senior Network Support Coordinator: Climate

Centro Habana, La Habana 7 mayo


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    The Network’s climate work forms a mosaic of interlocking local, regional and national campaigns, working to grow civic engagement on the issue from the grassroots up. Our digital-first campaigning methods allow these campaigns to grow incredibly quickly, and the strategies we’ve learned over decades for bringing people on a values-based journey to deeper political engagement allow our groups to cross-pollinate energy rapidly between campaigns. As the climate crisis deepens, our groups are already at the forefront of developing accessible, sophisticated strategies that bring in large numbers of people to put climate change on the agenda, from local councils to the finance industry, regional development plans to national and transnational elections. OPEN groups are uniquely positioned to shift local, regional and national debates around climate.
    In 2020 and 2021, OPEN is investing significantly in supporting climate change work around our Network. This means uncovering the best strategies that are working around the world, bringing people together to innovate, and injecting new expertise into our world changing member organisations. We believe that if the world is going to make the changes it must by 2030, we must strengthen our strategies for local and national mobilizing, enhance our online and offline mobilizing, and emphasize collaboration and innovation in our climate campaigns.
    About you
    OPEN is looking for an experienced climate campaigner, preferably with expertise in delivering climate campaigns in at least one Global South country, to help supercharge climate campaigning around our Network.
    As a climate expert, you will have a lot of scope to decide the direction of your work. However, there are three main - and interrelated - strategic ideas we’ve seen already trending around OPEN Member organisations, where you would begin:
    1. Grassroots campaigns targeting municipal / local government.
    2. Climate Change as the achilles heel of the far right and authoritarian regimes.
    3. What are the immediate challenges and opportunities relating to COVID-19
    From a mothers’ group in Delhi living with extreme air pollution to farmers in rural Australia facing a never-ending drought – we have a hunch the best strategies will enable people to fight for their own rights in order to positively impact regional, national and global debates. It will be your job to support our member organisations in developing the best ways to do this.
    Your days will be varied, responding to the needs of our 18 member organisations - collecting and spreading best practice and innovations, supporting organisations to design strategies and experiments, and bringing people together to problem solve and support each other across borders. You’ll help craft and organise trainings and events, and develop other projects as needed - you’ll have the opportunity to experiment and innovate within a tightly knit team of super-stars. We pride ourselves on being nimble, and delivering what the activists we support need.
    You will also take on liaison responsibilities for a number of organisations, working more deeply with them to support their development and make sure they’re getting the most out of OPEN.
    You will also be working on supporting our Growth program - working with activists and organizers in countries where we do not yet have a member organisation to see whether OPEN’s tools and approaches can make a positive impact on civil society there. You’d be helping existing or new organisations explore whether our model of working is right for them in their national context - connecting them with others around the Network and supporting their organisational development. In the next few years this program will be focussed on the Global South, particularly Latin America.
    If even some of the above criteria speak to you, you could be the perfect person for the job. Formal education, qualifications and extensive experience matter less to us than excellence, initiative and drive.
  • Fecha de Contratación: 03/11/2020
  • Cantidad de Vacantes: 5
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  • Educación Mínima: Universidad
  • Años de experiencia: 4
  • Edad: entre 18 y 60 años
  • Disponibilidad de Viajar: Si
  • Disponibilidad de Cambio de Residencia: No

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  • Senior Network Support Coordinator: Climate

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    Centro Habana, La Habana

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